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To buy essays online and have a perfect submission your service has to meet 7 basic criteria. They’re quite simple but still knowing these essential guidelines might save your funds and nerves one day. So, here they are:

  • Service has to prepare essays from scratch according to your demands
  • Service has to guarantee timely delivery of finalized orders
  • Service must include proofreading and referencing into the writing package
  • Service must ensure zero plagiarism in any paper
  • Service has to protect your confidentiality and billing data security
  • Service must be in touch with clients 24-7-365
  • Service has to have a clear refund policy.

Are these items met? Then you can buy essay at a site freely. As a rule, in search of such service you can start with a medium price range facilities. Why not cheap sites? They’re no good. At a low-priced writing site you’ll get a low-quality plagiarized paper with tons of copy-paste. Paying a bit more will help you avoid unnecessary risks and unacceptable writing quality. Although a cheap paper will sound nice, it still will be a subject to re-write and re-selling. Therefore, opt for quality services on the first place!

To buy an essay 10 minutes are enough

Writing sites do not only help you earn an A, they also help save time. That’s why if a site has a too complex or mind-wrecking order process, leave it be, buying essays from a more time-efficient paper provider instead. For example, at website you will place an order and verify it in less than 10 minutes. One, two, three, and a topic-relevant writer already started working on your paper. Delays and time-wasting are off the table.

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But what if your assignment is urgent? What if a deadline is burning so hot you can almost feel the heat? Rest assured the task will be dealt with. We’ll activate the ‘urgent assignment’ option, land a top-class writer and instruct her to fit in the schedule. Paper will still be as good, but such option is advised only in a case of emergency.

Payment methods to order essay solutions

To order essays from us you can use almost all applicable internet billing services like Payoneer. Additionally, you can pay by card, while we’ll make sure the payment statement contains safe information which gives zero clues as for where the money went.

Note that once you’ve clicked the submit button, our manager will call you to verify the assignment. To buy essay service has to make sure you give us the green light to work on your paper. In case any amendments are needed, this is the time to assign them before a writer begins writing.

10 hints to keep in mind

  1. Message board is used to communicate with a writer, asking for a draft, making minor draft amendments
  2. You don’t have to pick a university level writer to cope with a high school level 3-page composition
  3. Read your new paper prior to submission in case a lecturer would like to discuss its contents
  4. Order essay revisions free of charge within two weeks!
  5. Ask for a welcome bonus or a discount, if you buy essays for the first time at a site
  6. The sooner you need a paper, the more the order will cost
  7. Every writer has an ID, specify it if you want to have your favorite expert on the job
  8. Premium Quality is for hands down important assignments, in other cases Normal Quality will do just fine
  9. Reading Terms & Conditions will give you more information and raise awareness in custom writing
  10. Recommending our site to a friend brings you price-offs, but be attention whom you advise the site to!